Adobe Alberta Master Teachers

alberta sky

Alberta landscape from the highway

Since joining Adobe in April, I’ve been fortunate to work closely with a cohort of approximately 25 teachers from across the Province of Alberta. This group of teachers is the Alberta Master Teachers (AMTs) and they are such a pleasure to work with!

AMTs in training psd    AMTs smiling and talking copy

AMTs hard at work refining their Photoshop skills in Red Deer

The Alberta Master Teacher (AMT) program was launched in Summer 2012 as a sustainable professional development model after an agreement between Adobe and the Province made Adobe digital tools available to jurisdictions at significantly reduced prices. The objective of the AMT initiative was to build capacity among technology teachers and leaders in Alberta with Adobe products. The aim was that the group would act as peer mentors in their schools and jurisdictions and become experts in creating learning experiences across all curricular areas.

Between May 2012 and May 2013, the group came together in Banff and Red Deer four times for professional development, networking, and planning. The group also used Adobe Connect for bi-weekly meetings and professional development. Professional development topics were chosen by the group and included Project Based Learning and Creative Suite 6, including InDesign, Photoshop, and Acrobat.

calgary board motto psd

In the lobby of the Calgary Board of Education

In April and May 2013, I visited Alberta twice to learn more about the AMT program and the educators involved, see the successes, and participate in some training for the AMTs. I had never been to Alberta before but after visiting Edmonton, Calgary, Fort McMurray, and Red Deer, can say I loved them all! We all know Canadians are delightfully pleasant people to spend time with (hello, national healthcare) and it was a pleasure to see the energy, passion, and joy present in the educators and schools I visited. I had a number of highlights on those trips, but one was meeting a student named Katie in Mrs. Garlock’s digital media class at Willow Park School. I asked Katie if she had a favorite tool in Adobe software and she replied, “I can’t live without the quick select tool!” Talk about passion! Now do you see why I just had to buy a Canada sweatshirt and Oilers tee-shirt in the airport?

AMT Eric Caron made this video which offers an insight into how the AMTs and their students have felt about the AMT group and having access to Adobe software. Thank you to all the AMTs for their hard work over the past year and to Eric for making this video! And thanks to everyone who welcomed me into their schools, cars, and tried explaining hockey to me.

IMG_2557      IMG_2835

Yes, it was April and I was wearing wool from head to toe. And  it snowed. A lot. I couldn’t leave Alberta in May without finally trying poutine!


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