My twitter profile says, “I care about education, school communities, empowerment, creativity, art/ design, nature, joy & wellbeing.” All that is true, but it doesn’t sum up me, my interests, or all the good stuff I come across. This blog is a place to share and discuss some tidbits of interest.

I am an Education Advocate for Adobe. As part of my job, I visit lots of K through 12 schools to discover how the most effective and creative educators are working with students and supporting/developing their creativity. I am privileged to have met many inspiring educators and students who are passionate and creative. You’ll hear about some of those folks in this blog.

The content on this blog will go past the list on my Twitter profile. Who knows? Maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up interested in texas cave salamanders. If I do, you’ll hear about it here.

You can reach me at lafeeney@adobe.com.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Laura: My name is Katy Luo and I’m a project manager for Thingamajigs, an organization based in Oakland, CA. I wanted to introduce you to a really cool project we have just launched involving kids building instruments powered by the wind. Let me know where I can write you. Have a great day!

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